Here is your chance to own a business in Staffordshire

Ever wanted to invest or be part of a successful business? Here is the opportunity for anyone to own a share of a successful business venture in Staffordshire. Health and wellbeing product Distributer Company Nature’s Dream is in the process of raising funds via a crowd sourcing platform. This is a fantastic opportunity for common people in Stoke to become a part owner in a fast growing and a profit making business.

About the company

Nature’s Dream is a UK based distributer of nature friendly cosmetic products. It has tied up with many high profile cosmetic brands over the years. Some of its marquee customers include the likes of Holland & Barret, Tesco, Amazon and Waitrose. It is a business with reputed management that has managed to deliver fantastic result year after year. After joining hands with Brand Cloud in 2014, Nature’s Dream has acquired other companies too. It has posted a total revenue of £4.2 million last year.

Fund raising plan

According to Adam Stubley, the managing director of Nature’s Dream, they are planning to raise funds without increasing their debt. One of the modern ways to rise funding is by crowd funding. Crowd funding is a process which allows anyone to purchases equity in a company without spending much. Investors can contribute any amount starting from as low as £10 and there is no maximum limit. According to the new management they need a minimum of £750,000 to expand and grow their business.

Crowdcube is the platform which they have chosen to raise the capital required for the next few years. Anyone can register with Crowdcube and start buying the shares of Nature’s Dream. Many startups have been successful in raising funds using Crowdcube. You can find 1000s of investment opportunities in Crowdcube and invest in one which you prefer. Investment in equities through Crowdfunding comes with a specific lock in period. Investing in equity carries a certain amount of risk. If you carefully chose the right company after going through their fundamentals and stay invested for a longer period of time, then capital appreciation is guaranteed. Profit making companies also pay annual dividends which is an added benefit.

Nature’s Dream is a quality business which has remained profitable for years now. Their annual report shows a steady growth both in the topline and bottomline which makes them a favorable investment opportunity. With more and more people moving towards natural products, this business has got huge growth potential in the future. Considering all these factors, it is a great investment opportunity for anyone who is willing to stay invested for a long time. Do consult your investment advisor before investing.